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Eurowave - Body Sculpting - Muscle Toning, Inch Loss

Eurowave - What is Eurowave?

Eurowave is a targeted treatment that uses an enhanced faradac wave to stimulate muscle growth for the chosen area. It lifts and contours the area treated and helps to increase muscle recruitment and build new muscle mass.

The 18-Minute treatment session is completely effortless, with measurable results after only one treatment! 

The abdominal program is equivalent to performing 200 perfect sit-ups.

After 10 sessions, you are on on your way to creating muscle memory within the body and your amazing results can be preserved for 6-8 months. If an exercise program is followed then the results can be preserved even longer.

Target weak areas to enhance your performance, propel you towards your fitness goals, maintain muscle mass after an injury or to just feel good.


Book in with our Body Transformation Specialist Kristen for your 15 minute Complimentary Consultation!

Kristen McBryan

Certified through BodyBeautiful, Kristen has the knowhow to create a treatment package specific to your goals and lifestyle. She takes the time to listen, explains the process and is there to help you achieve the best results!  

  • No Downtime - Immediate Recovery

  • 3-6 Month Retention Period

  • See results after just one Treatment

Free 15 Minute Consultation

Single Body Sculpting Session

Single appointment


10 Session
Body Sculpting Package

10 Sessions 


Appointment frequency
2-3x a week

Special Occasion

10 Sessions 


Appointment frequency

10 Treatments over 5-7 Days

Double Session for Treatment of Multiple Area's

5 Double Sessions 

Appointment frequency

10 Treatments over 5-7  Days

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